Fort Collins Chiropractor

Are you finding it a challenge to hire a Fort Collins Chiropractor? When it comes to hiring a chiropractor, you need one who cares about your health and employs professional staff. It will ensure you get the best possible care at affordable costs.

One practice you should consider checking out is Inner Vitality Chiropractic, which is run by Dr. Jeremy Overholt. Dr. Overholt is a professional chiropractor who is licensed. He serves Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Wellington area, residents.

Among the reasons, why you should consider hiring him is that he offers you the latest techniques in a warm setting, which means your health will improve within a short period. In this article, we’ll look at three reasons why you should hire him.

Caring Professional

When searching for the best Chiropractor in Fort Collins CO, you need one who cares about your general health. It’s one reason why you should contact Dr. Jeremy to organize an appointment with you. However, remember that Dr. Jeremy doesn’t treat all patients.

Patients with problems such as headaches, sleep problems, migraines, should pain, neck pain and back pain can be attended. The thing to remember is that other issues may be solved by talking to other professionals, which means you may be referred to another clinic.

Extensive Examinations

Another reason to contact Inner Vitality Chiropractic is that you will get a thorough examination of your problem. They include motion testing and orthopedic testing, which enables us to determine where the problem is. Other testing methods include muscle testing and posture analysis. We need to understand how your spine is functioning, which is one way of determining the cause of your problems.

If we find that there is a way that your condition can be treated or improved, we’ll share with you the findings and provide you with details about the best treatment plan. If you have any queries, Dr. Jeremy will always be ready to help.

We Have Different Ways of Ensuring Your Health Needs Are Met

Our primary concern is your health. For instance, depending on your circumstances, Dr. Jeremy ensures that the solutions he uses suits your individual needs. Remember that he has different ways of adjusting to various part of your body.

In some instances, you may choose to carry out simple physiotherapy exercises such as stretching, trigger point therapy and traction, which among the budget-friendly ways of getting better.


The above informative article on why Inner Vitality Chiropractor is the best Chiropractor in Fort Collins CO should make you consider hiring Dr. Jeremy to check out your physical condition. We try to make our scheduling as simple as possible, since you may have other pressing things to do.

For your convenience, you can choose to visit us in the morning or afternoon hours, which means your schedule won’t be disrupted. For more information about our services, please check out at our website.